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Are you really Gluten Free?

February 25, 2014 2

Many people are cutting back on gluten or going totally gluten free.  Your diet is the biggest source of gluten, but there is another source most people don’t consider. The vast majority of skincare items do contain wheat- the main culprit for gluten. Our mantra of “what goes ON your body, goes IN your body is something everyone needs to consider when choosing skincare.  The ingredients absorb into your body – parabens, gluten, chemicals and more. Why is wheat even used in skincare?  Companies find it easier to use hydrolyzed wheat in products, a proven skin conditioner, then to research and test alternatives that are new to the industry.

There are many articles and studies on the negative effects of gluten. Dr. William Davis, a cardiologist, took it one step further stating it’s not just gluten, but the overall effects of wheat on health that we must consider.  In his book Wheat Belly he deemed today’s wheat a “perfect, chronic poison”.  According to Dr. Davis, GMO wheat contains a new protein called gliadin.  This protein is an opiate and binds into the opiate receptors in your brain.  In most people this stimulates appetite such that we consume 440 more calories per day, 365 days per year.

Some of the results Dr. Davis has noted when people turn away from wheat:  “we’re seeing hundreds of thousands of people losing 30, 80, 150 pounds.  Diabetics become no longer diabetic; people with arthritis having dramatic relief.  People losing leg swelling, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, and on and on, every day”.

Are you gluten or wheat sensitive?  The best and most inexpensive way to find out is to do an elimination diet. For 2 weeks, eliminate all forms of gluten from your diet and skincare items. A list of do’s and don’ts can be found on the Mayo Clinic’s website . The way you feel at the end of 2 weeks is an indicator of how gluten and/or wheat is affecting your health.  The good news is that today there are many delicious alternatives for a gluten free lifestyle.  And Good Karma Skincare makes it easy with skincare that is gluten and wheat free.

  • Karen Hill#1

    February 27, 2014

    Great information Cynthia!! You answered my question of the week before I could even ask!
    I think the whole GMO thing is pretty scary and most people don’t even know it affects us so much! Keep up the good work! Karen

    • Cynthia Ransom#2

      February 27, 2014

      Thank you Karen. Yes, it is a crazy world we are creating. More on GMO’s in coming blogs.


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