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Your Curb is a Shoreline

April 16, 2014 0

City streets are a lot like waterfront property; everything that rinses off your roof, yard and driveway ends up in ponds, lakes, waterways and eventually the Mississippi River. Because of this, I can’t justify using chemicals on our lawn. We pull the dandelions, and when desperate, spot treat the stubborn weeds.  Spraying our yard over-all with chemicals several times a year just to see green grass is too high of a price for us to pay.

There are options for your lawn that are ecofriendly and will give you the same results without the toxic side effects to the earth and animals. They work on the same principal for the earth as we wellness professionals do for humans (give the body what it needs, it can heal itself). Give the earth the nourishment it needs, it will create lush grass in which weeds cannot live. The Green Guardian, a source for natural lawn care, had an alarming study on their website:  A study conducted by the Quebec Institute of Public Health showed that 98.7% of children they tested had lawn care pesticides in their urine. My bet is adults, pets and wild animals would come up with the same startling statistic if tested.

Personally, I am hoping to start a movement to replace grass with Creeping Charlie- you can’t kill it, never have to mow it, and it creates a lovely thick mat of green over your property. Why on earth do we plant high maintenance grass when we could look at a sea of purple flowers every spring and never, ever have to mow again? Ok, I am kidding, sort of… but it isn’t a bad idea, is it? Bottom line, whatever you decide to do, let us all become good stewards of this earth and leave a healthy legacy for the generations to come.

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