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For your “Beasts” at home.

July 1, 2014 0

A few random things (and a recipe) I’ve learned along the way.

  • Cats must have a grain free diet-period.  Cats do not have the digestive enzymes necessary to digest grain.  Unfortunately, grain is used in many brands because it is a cost effective filler. Wish I would have known this 30 years ago when I fed my first cat Meow Mix. She developed diabetes and I now know why….
  • For dogs bothered by storms, fireworks, etc., Rescue Remedy is a wonderful solution. A household must have.  This is the trade name from Bach flower remedies, but many companies have a “Rescue” formula- either flower based or homeopathic, they all work wonderfully.  Put a few drops on their skin and watch them calm down.  My dog Shama was petrified of thunder and lightning. A few minutes after receiving Rescue Remedy, she would fall asleep. Great product for kids too!  For fussy babies, but a couple drops in their belly button.
  • If you bath your dog at home, don’t use your human shampoo. A dog’s skin is a different pH than humans, so no matter what the cost of your fancy shampoo, it won’t be soothing for your dog’s skin.

Here is a recipe for dog treats- Izzy’s favorite!

2- 3.5 oz jars baby food meat

¼ C  Nonfat Dry Milk

½ C  Wheat Germ

Mix together, drop on greased baking sheet and bake 15 min at 350 degrees.  Cool and store in refrigerator

(Izzy is my sweet girl, pictured at top.  Cyn)

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