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Viva Las Vegas

July 29, 2014 0

We just got back from our first trade show. At Good Karma, we don’t mess around. We exhibited at the largest beauty event in the U.S. – Cosmoprof. We met so many wonderful people from around the world that confirmed what we know; our products are needed and wanted in the marketplace. Women are tired of the multiple steps needed for other beauty routines. Tired of the costs and time involved and looking to simplify their lives. Our Four-in-One cream was the star and we look forward to new partnerships around the country. We saw the good, the bad, and the ugly at this show. Here are our “Beauty Recaps”’:
• Animal Testing is alive and well. A visitor to our booth told us she asked all the skincare booths if they do animal testing. Not one could say ‘no’; they stammered and stuttered trying to evade the question.
• Parabens (methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, etc.) are still widely used as preservatives despite their hormone disrupting capabilities and links to cancer (see
• Fellow Minnesotans, we are known as ‘such nice people’. Whenever we told someone we were from Minnesota, they went into some story about the nice or smart or industrious people from our state.
• A quote from the founder of Massage Trilogy in California: “You were the find of the show! Your booth had the best energy and I look forward to working with you and your team”. Yeppers, we DID have the best energy and heard that A LOT. Hmmmm, do you think we may have brought some of our energy medicine ‘tricks’ to our booth? We did.
• We salute the beautiful woman on stilts that walked by our booth and made us gasp when we realized she wasn’t on stilts.
• We were selected to audition for the 3 home shopping networks: QVC, HSN, Shop HQ. I was the third company to present and ended up going first. Why? The company up first wasn’t ready- they needed 5 more minutes for their product to arrive. The second company (two-40 something year old adults) didn’t want to go first, and wouldn’t go in. The frustrated producer kept looking at the 2 companies saying “Well, SOMEONE has to go”. I couldn’t take it and interrupted telling the very irritated producer I would be happy to go first. The first 2 companies obviously weren’t from Minnesota 
• A shout out of gratitude for the wonderful new friends of Good Karma. I started to list names, but was afraid I would forget someone and then I would feel guilty….another Minnesota thing.
• After the show we went to raise a glass and toast to a fabulous event. In a lobby bar (not a fancy bar) at the Mandalay Bay, we learned that 3 cocktails cost $49. Viva Las Vegas!

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