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Really Jennifer Aniston?

September 3, 2014 0

As I was catching up on People Magazine during a haircut, a statement by Jennifer Aniston made me laugh out loud. She emphatically stated that “using too much moisturizer isn’t good because it can clog your pores”. Well, she is sort of right. If you use the brand she pitches or approximately 98% of other skincare brands, that could be a true statement. Why? Aveeno and most other companies use various silicones in their products. Silicone (yes, that stuff your kitchen spatula is made out of) is a plastic that’s added to lotions to create a thick, luxurious feeling. Proponents say it forms a barrier on your skin to lock in moisture. On the flip side, it would also lock in toxins, germs, and keep your skin from breathing needed oxygen. When I was searching for a chemist to help me combine my 4 products into our face cream, I was introduced to a chemist who specialized in “natural formulas” producing products for large national companies. I told him what I was doing, we were holistic and truly natural meaning we wouldn’t use silicones or a litany of other commonly used ingredients. He politely told me that he would not work with me if I didn’t use silicone. Taken a back I asked him “if you specialize in natural, and you know silicone isn’t good for people, why would you insist I use it?” To which he replied “women are conditioned to the thick, rich feeling silicone gives creams. We want you to be successful and sell lots of product, THAT is why we insist you use it”. And companies that specialize in ‘natural products’ easily use silicone because the basis of plastic is silica- thus the name silicone. If you are searching for it in your products, silicone isn’t called out as such on the ingredient label. Look for it by searching for ingredients ending in ‘cone’ such as dimethicone, cyclomethicone, polysilicone, et at. Hey, it’s a cheap filler, adds a rich thick texture- do you really care if it traps in bacteria (acne? breakouts?) cuts off oxygen (so you get lines in your face, big deal). Since Jennifer inspired this blog, I had to post the label of the brand she pitches- Aveeno lotion: notice it has ONE active Ingredient: Dimethicone. ALL OTHER INGREDIENTS including their oat kernel flour are INACTIVE ingredients: which means they do nothing. And to rub salt in the wound, they use petrolatum and another ingredient that has toxicity warnings. A big company with a huge ad budget is behind this product. I mean no disrespect to Ms. Aniston who is a paid spokesperson, just doing her job. This is just a reminder that there are no true ‘ingredient police’ and companies with big budgets can spin the truth any way they see fit with whomever they hire. Guess they won’t earn any Good Karma….
Aveeno label

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