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Home Remedies to Boost your Immune System

October 8, 2014 0

Fall is here which means colds and flu season is around the corner. The good news is if you do get sick, you are actually boosting your immune system. This means it gets stronger so if something more ‘serious’ comes around, you can fight it off.  To avoid getting sick altogether, there are ways to help boost your immune system before or at the onset of illness.

  • Zinc:  Zinc is a cofactor needed by our immune system to produce the antibodies needed to fight off infection.  In my practice, I never met anyone with sufficient zinc levels (Join us on Thursday Oct 23rd and get your zinc levels checked!  CLICK HERE for more information). Keep Zinc lozenges on hand and start using them in the fall. Use them if you are feeling good to help boost your levels of zinc. And if you start feeling like you may be catching something, absolutely start taking your zinc-best when combined with vitamin C.
  • Echinacea:  Echinacea is an herb that has been used for centuries to boost immune systems. I like Echinacea in tincture form- liquid drops. It works best when taken at the very onset of illness, that feeling that you might be getting sick.  If you are already ill, Echinacea doesn’t really help, it needs to be taken at the very beginning of an illness.
  • Ginger Tea:  Keep a big piece of ginger root in your refrigerator. You can either use the tea of your choice (green tea, rooibos tea) or seep it alone in hot water if you aren’t a lover of herbal tea. Peel a few chunks and put it in water as you boil it for tea. When adding the boiling water to the teapot, make sure the ginger slices go into the teapot.  Add fresh lemon, a bit of raw honey, and you have a tasty immune boosting treat.

These next 2 home remedies are things I have heard of, but not tried. Our friend Mike swears by ‘onion therapy’.  He says to peel and onion, cut off the top and bottom, put a fork in it and hold it close to your face.  He claims the onion ‘attracts’ the bacteria and pulls it from you. Hmmm, not so sure on this, but he says he has done this several times when he was coming down with ‘something’ and it works like a charm. He likes to sit in a chair half asleep for most of the day with an onion. This way he is ‘good to go’ by evening. Just last week Mike had his girlfriend sleep by an onion when she was getting sick, and I was told she woke up feeling good. Strange, yes. But they swear it works.   As long as we are talking vegetables, garlic has been used for centuries to ward off and kill germs.  If drinking garlic tea is not your thing, I have heard of people rubbing a cut clove of garlic on the bottoms of their feet before bed, then putting on a pair of socks.  Your soles of your feet have points that associate with your organs- the same as the acupressure/acupuncture points in the palms of your hands. It makes sense to do this for immune boosting purposes although you better love garlic- you will be smelling and tasting garlic all night.

Bottom line is find a ritual that works for you. Don’t be afraid of getting sick, just be prepared and boost that immune system instead of suppressing it. And if you dare to try ‘onion or garlic’ therapy, please let us know what you think!

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