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Just say NO to Nanoparticles

November 4, 2014 2

Science has been able to take everyday ingredients and re-create them to be micro-particle in size vs its ‘normal’ particle size.  These nanoparticles are used for better absorption, moisturizing and wrinkle reducing effects- all at a price.  According to Dr Samuel Epstein, Chairmen of The Cancer Prevention Coalition, Nanoparticles are dubbed as “universal asbestos”.  Dr Epstein explains; “Nanoparticles, because of their ultramicroscopic size, readily penetrate the skin, can invade underlying blood vessels, get into the general blood stream, and produce distant toxic effects. We already have evidence of this, including toxic effects in the brain, degenerative disorders in the brain, and nerve damage. So we’re dealing here with one of the most dangerous types of products in the whole cosmetic industry”.  The challenge to the consumer is to know what products contain nanoparticles.  I have seen several companies use ‘nano technology’ as a marketing ploy, but for the most part, we have no way of knowing because it doesn’t need to be disclosed.  If you see the word ‘nano’ attached to ingredients or technology, it’s best to stay away and find companies that take a stance against nanoparticles.

  • Karen Hill#1

    November 5, 2014

    Great info!! We can always depend on you ladies to bring us the important facts! Thank you!! Karen

  • Sheila Van Houten#2

    November 5, 2014

    This is soooo important to know about! Thank you, Cindy Ransom!


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