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Power Up with a Nummy Hot Breakfast

December 3, 2014 0

It’s official, winter is here.  A hot breakfast full of protein and essential fatty acids is a great way to start your day. Here is my easy recipe for a make ahead breakfast that even the pickiest of kids will love.

1 C Quinoa.  Cook according to package directions (I buy a large bag from Costco)

1 C Steel cut Oatmeal.  Cook according to package directions AND add in additional 1/3 C water. Will be very runny when done. (use quick cooking or regular- your choice. I like the regular, it has a larger ‘flake’ to it and gives the cereal more texture)

Golden Flax and Chia seeds. Pour some of each in a blender, mix to a powder till you have ¾ C to 1 Cup powder (always buy the whole flax seed and grind yourself. Flax can go rancid once it’s ground so shelf life is minimal in pre ground flax seeds)

Mix the cooked grains and ground seeds together. Add more water if it gets too thick. This makes a very large batch to keep in your fridge and reheat in the morning.  Top hot cereal with a bit of coconut oil, and your choice of toppings: fruit, nuts, unsweetened coconut milk (each brand tastes different. I do not care for Silk brand- way too thick and coconutty tasting. My favorite is Trader Joes unsweetened coconut milk).  Dairy free, gluten free goodness for a great (and easy) start to the day. Enjoy!

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