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February 3, 2015 0

Heat things up this Valentine’s Day with cayenne pepper- the top herb for heart health.  In his book School of Natural Healing Dr. John R. Christopher wrote that “Cayenne regulates the flow of blood from the head to the feet; it influences the heart immediately.”  I was taught to keep cayenne in my emergency kit, to use it under the tongue at the onset of any heart or stroke condition.  It immediately opens up the blood flow and can be a miracle in an emergency situation.  I have found cayenne in tincture form and of course powder form- just like the kind you cook with.  Does it burn? Yep, but if you are suffering a heart attack and this could save your life do you really care?

There is a Minnesota company that produces the best cayenne supplements on the market for heart health.  The Cayenne Company was started in 1982 by Dick Quinn who credits cayenne for saving his own life.  I recommend Dick’s book Left for Dead where he chronicles his personal experience with a heart attack, failed surgery, and the doctor’s confession ‘there is nothing else we can do’. After taking his health into his own hands by using cayenne pepper, Dick goes into years of study and research to create the best supplement for heart health.  The Cayenne Company is now owned by Jamie Humnick, whom I’ve had the pleasure of sharing many long conversations.  Their formulations all contain Birdseye Cayenne from Africa; an extremely hot and effective herb for heart health.  They have various formulas with different ‘heat’ ratings- I take their Heart Food Caps, a medium heat supplement with Cayenne, Garlic, Hawthorn Berry, Onion and Ginger Root.  Even though I always take them with food, there are times I can ‘feel the heat’ in my gut, not enough to be really uncomfortable, but something I notice and put up with because I know how good it is for my heart.  There are low, medium and high heat capsules- Jamie tells me he ships high heat products to many athletes (especially distance runners) around the world to help with performance.

Questions on cayenne or which formula is right for you?  Give Jamie at The Cayenne Company a call 1-800-CAYENNE.  He also has Dick Quinn’s book for sale by phone order only (the FDA will not allow him to sell the book on his website).  He can sell Dick’s formulations but not his book- crazy.  Left for Dead by Dick Quinn is available on Amazon (yes, Jamie can sell it there) or by calling the Cayenne Company.  In addition to taking the supplement daily, I keep a couple capsules in my ‘emergency kit’ (open capsule and empty under tongue). Cheers to your heart health!

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