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The Best of Minnesota

April 7, 2015 0

I recently went to the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California. What a wild experience!  This expo was all things natural; from ingredients to food to home items- around 3000 vendors. I met some fabulous companies with tasty nutritious food and really interesting products (including some great ingredients for future Good Karma products). I’m currently gathering coupons and samples from my favorite vendors to share at upcoming events (interested in hosting? Send us an email!). Today I’m going to focus on the fabulous products I found from Minnesota companies:


Ecosentials:  compost-able products made from bamboo, sugar cane and corn. No more paper plates or cups. Replacements for tissue products also.  


Bee Free Honee:  a really delicious alternative to honey.  Vegan, non-GMO, made from apples. Their Slippery Elm Honee is perfect to soothe the throat.


Hot Dang Veggie Burgers:  all ‘good grains’ (like wild rice), nuts and beans. No soy, wheat or GMO’s.  Great for the grill.


Nots!:  named because they don’t use nuts- their treats are sunflower seed based.  Non-GMO, vegan, Great for those with nut allergy.


Wholeme Clusters:  nutrient dense, nummy snacks and bars made with healthy fats, no preservatives. Grain free, Gluten free.


Bare Honey:  tasty flavors like Cinnamon and Vanilla Bean.  Love their Bee Pollen fortified honey; a nice way to help remedy seasonal allergies.

I highly recommend these products. The owners were all lovely human beings, passionate about their products and making a difference in this world.  Support these great Minnesota companies and enjoy their natural goodness.

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