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Behind the Scenes

March 15, 2016 1

The past 6 months has been a time of much change. Not only did the company (and my family) move to northern Minnesota, our beloved Good Karma-ite Linda retired and 3 new amazing individuals joined our ranks; Angela, Debbie and Amy.
We are officially in our ‘awkward teenage years’ going through growth spurts and many changes. Why do we run out of products? Good Karma does things so differently that production is extremely challenging. Other companies warehouse ingredients and whip up batches of product when necessary. Since our ingredients are from natural and renewable resources we order in a fresh batch of ingredients EVERY TIME we have a production run. Most ingredients arrive within 5 days of ordering, however it only takes 1 ingredient to slow production. This happened earlier this year with several products as we waited for ingredients to come in from France- 9 weeks for one of them!

We will continue to do the scheduling dance till we figure out a way to keep our shelves stocked. I appreciate your patience and thank you all for your understanding. In return, know that you are receiving products that are fresh and chock full of nutrients. Cheers to that!

(Photo: courtesy of my husband. One of our ‘new neighbors’)

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