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I was bombed….and miserable

August 8, 2018 1

This summer I had THE WORST allergies- or so I thought. Between pollen and my kitty children, I can muster up a few sneezes, but this was different. Mid -June it hit; my eyes were swollen with a ‘drive me crazy’ itch. I gave up on tissues after a week and went with paper towels- more efficient in my phlegmy state. The worst part is it wouldn’t end- for 2 months I was miserable. Enough!  We were way beyond spring allergies, it was time to figure this out. What did I do differently or add to the house that could possibly have this effect? I knew what it was- in fact, my gut told me ‘these were a bad idea’ when I put them in the bathroom- yet they were a gift, I was grateful and wanted to use them. The offending items? Bath Bombs! Yes, these beautiful little works of art were causing a toxic reaction in my body.  I had them in a basket, on the side of the bath which is right off our bedroom. They were heavily scented, nothing I really liked, but so pretty I wanted to see them. Once I came to my senses, I put the basket of toxic orbs in the garage and opened the windows to air out the house. That’s all it took- I am back to normal and kicking myself for not listening to my inner knowing.  Let this be a reminder to us all, our bath and body products can contain toxic ingredients- some of the worst offenders are those disguised as ‘healthy products’. I do read the ingredients of items I use, this gift came without any ingredient info- but no excuses, the fragrance alone should have tipped me off. The good news is I never soaked in them! Toxic Beauty… it’s real.


  • Debbie Endres#1

    August 8, 2018

    Glad you are clear and feeling so much better.
    Yes … that ‘listening to my gut’ whisper … always serves us best.


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