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Application Regimen


Step 1: Cleanse face, remove makeup and PH balance your skin

Our Purifying cleanser does both. Dampen face and apply 1 ‘squirt’ of cleanser. Using your fingers, massage gently over face to work up a slight lather. Dampen a washcloth and massage lightly over face, holding it over closed eyes to dissolve any eye makeup. Rinse face with water.


Step 2:  Spritz face and neck with Toner.

No need for cotton balls.  Gently shake toner and hold almost an arms length away to spray (sprayer is strong, you want a nice mist to hit your skin).  Adds additional anti-aging benefits and skin protection. (our Four-In-One Cream is so backed with nutrients, we can’t fit one more in. This provides additional nutrients for beautiful skin)


Step 3: While face is damp from toner, apply your choice of either cream or oil.

Both will moisturize, repair, and revitalize your complexion. Oil or cream, use whichever you prefer. You can also use both: 1) alternate using the products. 2) use the cream on your face, the oil on your neck and decollatage.


Facial System To Go: We made it easy! 2 weeks worth of our Lux 7 Facial System in a travel kit.



Repeat above three steps    OR

Step 1 and Step 2, followed by Night-Time Deep Repair Treatment (save your cream and oil- use Treatment only).

Alternate Evening Step 3:  While face is damp from toner, apply a thin layer of Deep Repair Treatment. At first, it will be tacky to the touch. It will dry and form a mask which will absorb into your skin as you sleep.

Additional Recommended Products:


Body Oil

For silky smooth, nourished skin, apply after a bath or shower. Towel dry, when skin is still moist, apply a small amount of oil to skin. Feels extra lovely on newly shaven legs.

Facial oil Rollerball

This little gem is great to have on your nightstand. Use it on cuticles,  around your outer eye area, your hands, anywhere needing a little extra attention. When using on your hands, apply to the top of each hand and gently rub hands together- top to top- keeping palms free of oil. Soaks in fast to give your hands a nutritional punch to moisturize and repair.


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