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Before & Afters

Real People with Real Results:



laurie-side-by-side maura-side-by-side melinda-side-by-side erica-side-by-side



melinda-graph-side-by-sideAbove is a side shot of skin texture taken by a skin analysis camera showing inflammation BEFORE and a new smooth texture- inflammation gone- AFTER using Good Karma Skincare products.










Julie’s before pic is upper Left

I first discovered the Good Karma Skincare line at a Minnesota vendors expo. I was struggling with skin problems that had just started a couple years ago. The same products I had used since my early 20s now suddenly caused severe reactions on my face, a red peeling rash that made me look like a burn victim. Seeing the amazing complexion on the woman selling the products, I bought a skincare set on the spot.

Since using Good Karma Skincare, I have never had a reaction to the products, and as you can see from my photos, the ugly rashes are gone. I no longer have to hide my forehead under bangs to camouflage a rash. I am so grateful to have my skin back, thank you for your wonderful product!  Julie Wychor

(Thank You Julie for taking the time to send us your pictures. Your experience will help others…  that’s Good Karma! Cyn)