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I was bombed….and miserable

August 8, 2018 1

This summer I had THE WORST allergies- or so I thought. Between pollen and my kitty children, I can muster up a few sneezes, but this was different. Mid -June it hit; my eyes were swollen with a ‘drive me crazy’ itch. I gave up on tissues after a week and went with paper towels- more efficient in my phlegmy state. The worst part is it wouldn’t end- for 2 months I was miserable. Enough!  We were way beyond spring allergies, it was time to figure this out. What did I do differently or add to the house that...

Brain Health

April 30, 2018 0

Following up my video blog on Brain Health with more information from Dr Blaylock, M.D. and others  regarding their extensive research on excitotoxins. To summarize: Excitotoxins are food additives that stimulate the cells of the brain to death. The good news is the blood brain barrier, which is the guardian of the brain (keeping most toxins out), will protect the brain from occasional instances of excitotoxins.  When there is a repeated assault of excitotoxins (too much at once or too often), these offenders will get past the barrier and excite cells of the brain to death. Found in processed...

Time to Celebrate

October 27, 2016 0

We’ve received such great press the last couple months, time to celebrate! EVERYONE deserves Good Karma.  Cheers,  your PotionMaster

Behind the Scenes

March 15, 2016 1

The past 6 months has been a time of much change. Not only did the company (and my family) move to northern Minnesota, our beloved Good Karma-ite Linda retired and 3 new amazing individuals joined our ranks; Angela, Debbie and Amy. We are officially in our ‘awkward teenage years’ going through growth spurts and many changes. Why do we run out of products? Good Karma does things so differently that production is extremely challenging. Other companies warehouse ingredients and whip up batches of product when necessary. Since our ingredients are from natural and renewable resources we order in a fresh batch...

The Best of Minnesota

April 7, 2015 0

I recently went to the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California. What a wild experience!  This expo was all things natural; from ingredients to food to home items- around 3000 vendors. I met some fabulous companies with tasty nutritious food and really interesting products (including some great ingredients for future Good Karma products). I’m currently gathering coupons and samples from my favorite vendors to share at upcoming events (interested in hosting? Send us an email!). Today I’m going to focus on the fabulous products I found from Minnesota companies: Ecosentials:  compost-able products made from bamboo, sugar cane and...

Healthy Heart

February 3, 2015 0

Heat things up this Valentine’s Day with cayenne pepper- the top herb for heart health.  In his book School of Natural Healing Dr. John R. Christopher wrote that “Cayenne regulates the flow of blood from the head to the feet; it influences the heart immediately.”  I was taught to keep cayenne in my emergency kit, to use it under the tongue at the onset of any heart or stroke condition.  It immediately opens up the blood flow and can be a miracle in an emergency situation.  I have found cayenne in tincture form and of course powder form- just...

Power Up with a Nummy Hot Breakfast

December 3, 2014 0

It’s official, winter is here.  A hot breakfast full of protein and essential fatty acids is a great way to start your day. Here is my easy recipe for a make ahead breakfast that even the pickiest of kids will love. 1 C Quinoa.  Cook according to package directions (I buy a large bag from Costco) 1 C Steel cut Oatmeal.  Cook according to package directions AND add in additional 1/3 C water. Will be very runny when done. (use quick cooking or regular- your choice. I like the regular, it has a larger ‘flake’ to it and gives...

Just say NO to Nanoparticles

November 4, 2014 2

Science has been able to take everyday ingredients and re-create them to be micro-particle in size vs its ‘normal’ particle size.  These nanoparticles are used for better absorption, moisturizing and wrinkle reducing effects- all at a price.  According to Dr Samuel Epstein, Chairmen of The Cancer Prevention Coalition, Nanoparticles are dubbed as “universal asbestos”.  Dr Epstein explains; “Nanoparticles, because of their ultramicroscopic size, readily penetrate the skin, can invade underlying blood vessels, get into the general blood stream, and produce distant toxic effects. We already have evidence of this, including toxic effects in the brain, degenerative disorders in the...

Home Remedies to Boost your Immune System

October 8, 2014 0

Fall is here which means colds and flu season is around the corner. The good news is if you do get sick, you are actually boosting your immune system. This means it gets stronger so if something more ‘serious’ comes around, you can fight it off.  To avoid getting sick altogether, there are ways to help boost your immune system before or at the onset of illness. Zinc:  Zinc is a cofactor needed by our immune system to produce the antibodies needed to fight off infection.  In my practice, I never met anyone with sufficient zinc levels (Join us...

Really Jennifer Aniston?

September 3, 2014 0

As I was catching up on People Magazine during a haircut, a statement by Jennifer Aniston made me laugh out loud. She emphatically stated that “using too much moisturizer isn’t good because it can clog your pores”. Well, she is sort of right. If you use the brand she pitches or approximately 98% of other skincare brands, that could be a true statement. Why? Aveeno and most other companies use various silicones in their products. Silicone (yes, that stuff your kitchen spatula is made out of) is a plastic that’s added to lotions to create a thick, luxurious feeling....