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Whiten Teeth- Naturally

June 3, 2014 4

This is one of the coolest tricks to whiten your teeth- it works like a charm. I read about using the herb turmeric to whiten your teeth at Raw for Beauty.  Skeptical, I tried it at home and actually giggled with glee because the results were obvious. So simple, here is what you do: Pick up a jar of ground turmeric. It is the consistency of ground cinnamon, but mustard-yellow in color.  Be careful, it will stain clothing!  Put a spoonful of turmeric in a small dish, add a bit of water to form a paste. Brush your teeth...

Vitamin D

January 20, 2014 2

The winter blues got you down?  Vitamin D may be your answer. The only way we get Vitamin D is through sun exposure or supplementation. In the winter, we are not outside receiving the sun’s rays on our skin allowing us to produce Vitamin D in our bodies.  Vitamin D is needed to create the hormonal cascade in our bodies, effecting all aspects of health. According to the Vitamin D council, the below are some of the functions of the body that Vitamin D helps with: Immune system, which helps you fight infection Muscle function Bone health Cardiovascular function,...