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Customer Testimonials

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In Gratitude: For taking the time to enter your story. We are a true Grassroots company, growing with the help of true reviews, not paid media hype. From our heart to yours, THANK YOU

Some testimonials are emailed, mailed, sent via text or video. Below are these testimonials:





 (If our Lux 7 Purifying Facial Toner can be used on the worst conditions, think what it will do for the ‘average’ complexion, or ruddiness, or Rosacea)

Dr Berns can be reached at:                                              













A Good Karma Skincare Family


I have been using Good Karma Skincare products since Day 1. I love everything about about GK…Smooth & creamy, feels good when putting it on, makes me look & feel younger, free from harmful chemicals and great Customer Service! I am 60 and continually get compliments on how young it makes me look, that I can’t possibly be as old as I am and one friend wondered where my ‘parenthesis lines’ between my eyebrows on my forehead went! I Love this skincare line! Thank You for Good Karma!  Cindy


The Good Karma is a very nice, creamy product.  Being an older person, (notice I didn’t say elderly….) it’s more difficult to see a lot of change in my skin tones or – ugly – wrinkles.  I didn’t know I had them until I returned home from the cataracts surgery.  I do believe that these products are helpful – and I have a good supply now so that I can continue to use them.  I wish I was 20-30 years younger because then they might have worked miracles.  They still might – and since I received a great report from my new eye doctor, I can look for that miracle and see it!

Thanks for introducing the new products to me. Marilyn

Using Good Karma Skincare was the best choice I made for my face. My skin has never looked or felt this good. I have always had sensitive skin, so I have to be careful of which products I use. I love that I am using good quality products that are free from the harmful chemicals that are in many other skincare lines. Thank you Good Karma Skincare for making such wonderful products


I absolutely love the “4 in 1 face cream.” It’s one of my favorite products. It has a wonderful light sent and glides onto my skin so smoothly. It’s the perfect type of moisturizer, where it is not too light or heavy feeling, once it is put on my skin. I’ve tried many other moisturizers from other companies and I always come back to this face cream. It’s amazing! Plus, I love that it has natural ingredients in it. 🙂

Thanks, Julie


Thank you so much for your facial product. I had a wedding this weekend and to get ready for the day- a little eye makeup and just a touch of blush. My nephew said to me just before I left the reception at midnight, you are a stone cold fox! Thanks again, Gailey    (Gailey is an amazing healer:  )



Cynthia … I picked up my order this morning from the post office … face cleanser and toner this morning … can’t wait to try it … so far I love the 4 in 1 face cream!  Even more exciting, our daughter purchased your products in the Twin Cities, has been using them for about 3 weeks, husband has noticed a change … she is loving the results!  So you have a grandmother (72 years) and daughter/mother (47 years) loving your products!

Thank you!   Susan


After Checking in on one of our retailers:

Things are going good! Everyone that has tried it so far loves it. We just need to get more people to try it! One patient’s hairdresser said her skin looked so good that she wanted to touch it and asked what she was using.

Thanks,  Christine,  Alenov Wellness



A note included on a recent order:  “Love this skincare! Coming back to it after trying {brand name withheld}. I appreciate how it is fresh and organic. Great job:)
Stacey    (Stacey is so talented. Check out her beautiful jewelry here


We heard from one of our Chiropractors, who gave us this testimonial from a client:

“For 40 years, I have had a ‘bump’ under my skin, close to my lip.  After a couple weeks of using Good Karma products the bump began to get red, it burst open and nasty stuff poured out.  Now the bump is entirely gone. “

(Good Karma products detox your complexion. Sometimes it is something that may show, most times it is underlying congestion that gets cleared out)