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Doctor Recommended

In the United States, products sold by dermatologists are laden with chemicals and ingredients we would never use. It took a doctor from outside of the U.S. to appreciate the therapeutic qualities of Good Karma Skincare products.










Dr. Z made his first trip to the USA because of Good Karma Skincare.

He had been searching for a natural skincare line for over 8 years- and then he found us. Trying our products, he quickly realized we were exactly what he had been looking for. Impressed with the results he was seeing Dr. Z  came to Minnesota to meet.

We were a bit confused why a Dermatologist was searching for natural products (in the United States, Doctors typically use skincare lines loaded with chemicals). When we asked him “Why Good Karma, a holistic line?”, he repliedOnly in America do they want chemicals, the rest of the world does not.

Dr. Z will be using Good Karma Products at his 3 clinics, and while teaching Dermatology at a University. Needing clinical data to use for his students and clientele, he is doing a Clinical Study on Good Karma Products. We will pass on the results as soon as we get them. (update: due to trade sanctions and the financial impact they are having on their country and citizens, exporting to Russia is delayed for the foreseeable future).

In the meantime, we look forward to meeting Doctors in America, who understand the importance of providing chemical free skin care to their clients.  If you are a dermatologist or know of one interested in holistic skincare, please contact us.

America! Lets catch up with the rest of the world and stop the insanity of using chemicals. What goes on, goes in; our bodies, our planet. WE DESERVE BETTER. EVERYONE deserves Good Karma.