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1. You say you won’t use Retinyl- why is that? It has always been in the products I’ve used in the past.

Retinyl Palmitate (having several different trade and chemical names, such as Retinol or Vitamin A Palmitate) have been shown to be phototoxic and photocarcinogenic- meaning they become toxic when exposed to sunlight. And your skin IS exposed to sunlight on a daily basis. Read more here about these studies and what Good Karma does to protect your skin and health.

2. Do you ship to my country?

We currently ship to all states in the USA via USPS Priority Mail. For Canada, we ship via DHL. Both services are a 2-3 days for delivery (except in Minnesota, where it is 1-2 days)

3. How long does the shipping usually take?

USPS Priority Mail in the USA: 2-3 days (or 1-2 if shipping to Minnesota)

DHL shipping to Canada: 2-3 Days

4. Are you going to add more products?

Absolutely.  We have many more products to introduce, including a complete body care line for women and a Men’s line. Sign up below for our newsletter to be the first to find out about our new additions.

5. Will you be offering a scented Lux 7 facial oil?

No, we can’t do it!  There is a huge trade off to those lovely scented oils- you either get the scent OR the therapeutic benefits of the natural oils. Most companies use refined oils; stripped of color and natural oil scent. This is the only way oils can have scent added.  The down side to refining is it strips the oils of their therapeutic nutrients, giving you oil to moisturize but not repair. Good Karma’s unrefined oils have a natural oil aroma that dissipates after it is applied. Bathe your skin in nutrients, not in stripped oils.

6. Do you offer gift cards?


7. What is the difference between Natural and Organic at Good Karma Skincare?

Certified organic ingredients are 4 times the price as their non-certified counterparts. If we only used certified organic ingredients, the price of our products would be extremely high. For price and quality concerns, we focus on using the cleanest, most naturally sourced, wild crafted ingredients. We do choose organic ingredients when we feel it is necessary.

There are suppliers that do not use chemicals on their plants, yet they refuse to go through the complicated organic certification process. To have a product certified organic requires different qualifications per who is doing the certification, and per item. This makes it very difficult to standardize and expensive to certify.  In addition, you can grow an ingredient without chemicals, but you cannot label it Certified Organic unless the processing plant has paid thousands of dollars to be a certified organic facility.  We work within the system to find the best ingredients at the fairest price.

8. Who is the Shaman that received the Lux 7 formula?

She a direct descendant of Gabriele Renville, the last official Chief of the Lakota Sioux. As for her name, she has asked us to keep her out of the spotlight, and we respect her wishes.

9. My current skin care products are labeled “Natural”. Is that the same as your products?

No.  Anyone can use the term “natural”, there are no laws dictating what it means. Additionally, there is no standardization for “natural”: chemically treated plant materials, mineral oil, parabens and much more are labeled natural. This may be legal, but we feel it is very misleading. Good Karma Skincare uses only ingredients based in nature- nothing synthetic.