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Lux 7 3 Step Facial System Add’l Details

Lux 7™ 3 Step Facial System

STEP 1: LUX 7™ PURIFYING FACIAL CLEANSER: Wet skin and massage small amount over face and neck. Rinse. To remove heavy makeup, repeat as needed. Very concentrated- use sparingly.  50 ml.

STEP 2: LUX 7™ BALANCING FACIAL TONER: After cleansing, close eyes and mist face. While face is damp, follow with Lux 7 Age Defying Four∙In∙One Cream. Can also use anytime as a hydrating treat.  2 oz.

STEP 3: LUX 7™ AGE DEFYING FOUR-IN-ONE FACE CREAM; NORMAL TO DRY or NORMAL TO OILY: To use, remove clear cover and gently press down on white top until correct amount of cream dispenses. While skin is still moist from our Balancing Facial Toner, apply day and night to face, sparingly under eyes, on neck.  3.4 oz.


STEP 3: LUX 7™ REJUVENATING FACIAL OIL: Apply sparingly, only a drop or two. For additional anti-aging benefits, use immediately after Lux 7 Balancing Facial Toner.  1 oz.