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Meet the Karma-ites

CynthiaCynthia Ransom, ND Traditional Naturopath

Our founder and potion master is Cynthia Ransom, a Traditional Naturopath from Minnesota. With an undergraduate degree in Psychology, Cynthia returned to school 17 yrs later to earn her Doctorate in Naturopathy and Master’s at the Academy of Bio-Energetics. Her passion for holistic health was a catalyst in starting Good Karma Skincare. Understanding that what goes ‘on’ your body also goes ‘in’ your body, she wanted to create a line of products that were targeted to Anti-Aging, being truly natural and non-toxic. “Too many companies use ‘natural’ as a marketing tool, it really has no legal meaning. We make products that are therapeutic in nature, unrefined oils that have not been stripped of their nutrients, vitamins, herbs and other natural ingredients to restore your skin the way nature intended.” 

As important as our products are, the business plan had to be equally holistic. Good Karma Skincare is following in the footsteps of Newman’s Own, using their business model to benefit charities with the profits made. Her heart goes out to the animals of the planet, thus GKS’s first charitable program, “Beauty feeds the Beast™” was born.  Cynthia has closed the doors to her private practice, focusing on developing new products for Good Karma Skincare and educating people as to the perils that lurk in most skin care items.  You may also catch her speaking on Natural Health and Skin Care at various seminars and events, or teaching at Concordia College in St Paul Minnesota.  She currently lives in Brainerd, Minnesota with her husband Scott and three furry four legged children.


Debbie Endres, Certified Massage Therapist  

Debbie Endres, aka “Peach”, in the Good Karma world, has been a practicing Certified Massage Therapist in the Brainerd Lakes Area for 28 years.  She was a pioneer in the holistic community, as she has educated and shared her energy and light work with hundreds of clients over the decades.

We are thrilled to have Peach as part of the Good Karma Skincare Family.  She is the Director/Consultant for our beautiful Good Karma Spa bringing Enlightened Beauty to all.  Debbie is sharing her talents as a true energy worker bringing unique, luxurious treatments to Good Karma clientele.