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The Blue Sheep Movement


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The Blue Sheep Movement is about finding your balance between traditional medicine and holistic healthcare. The true stories from my holistic  practice will inspire and challenge your belief system.  Intermingled with facts and history not known to many, my hope is to open you up to a world of health.

It’s time to change.   May this be a stepping stone to a life filled with abundant energy and health.   Cynthia


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“The Blue Sheep Movement” opens the door to choices, enabling people to walk their own path to wellness. Medicine has its place, and so does holistic health care. How do you incorporate both? This book will help you understand why your doctor can’t advise you on alternative treatments and what your options are. The true stories and thoughts from a Traditional Naturopath will inspire, encourage, and challenge your belief system. Break free from the herd to find your unique path to health. Take a walk on the blue side of life.

  • Elizabeth Sweet

    November 30, 2018

    “The Blue Sheep Movement: Leave the Herd Behind to Find Your Path to Wellness” by Cynthia Ransom is a fascinating book from an experienced holistic practitioner that points out the options we have to create and manage our health. The book emphasizes that people don’t realize they have a choice when it comes to our health because “our health care system is set up so that we act like sheep. We get funneled in, get tested, get diagnosed, get medicated, and move on.” The author offers an alternative perspective, based on her years of experience, and the idea that our bodies can heal themselves when given the correct nutrition (and ultimately this is influenced by one’s attitude, as well). She also discusses the importance of knowing that what goes on our skin also goes in our bodies, and I think that is a point that most traditional doctors do not emphasize enough. As the author states, medicine does not have to be black and white, or solely traditional or holistic…and we can live our best, healthiest lives with an educated combination and influence from both arenas.

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