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Sensitive Skin

Of course your skin is sensitive!

For years, you’ve probably used skin care products containing artificial chemicals, pore clogging silicones and more: all typical ingredients found in most products- even formulas for sensitive skin. We understand that in many cases, having sensitivities is a natural reaction to the chemical cocktails your skin has to deal with.

In addition, silicone (yes, the same thing that’s used to make spatulas, oven mitts, etc.) is THE ingredient used to create rich, thick, creams.  That luxurious soft feeling actually comes from the layer of plastic covering your skin, trapping in bacteria and cutting off the oxygen needed for a healthy complexion.  We know your skin needs to BREATHE in order to be healthy and radiant.
Good Karma Skincare products allow your skin to breathe by eliminating all pore clogging ingredients such as silicone, artificial polymers and petroleum products (mineral oil, petrolatum, etc.).  Our richness comes from nutrient dense formulas specifically created to nourish and repair skin.  Exclusive to GKS, our holistic formulas are designed to give you a smooth, toned, radiant complexion.

You MAY experience some of the following detox effects as your skin breathes out the old, and soaks in the nutrients:

  • Redness:  Your cells are ‘waking up’, firing and working correctly. Kind of like exercising for the first time
  • Face feels hot: Same as above.
  • Sloughing off skin:  There is a light exfoliation built into products. We want you to lose old, dead skin to let your new healthy complexion shine.
  • Break outs:  pores may have been clogged for years by silicones and petroleum ingredients (even found in non-comedogenic formulas). Pimples may form as your cells clean out and breathe in the oxygen.
  • Slight stinging/burning: again, the nutrients are new to your cells and they are reacting appropriately. This should lessen and completely go away after a few days.

If any of these symptoms occur, slow down-don’t stop, the usage of the cream/serum. For example, use less, and use them every other day to begin with. Look at it exactly as you would any kind of health program you begin: Taking too many vitamins at first may make you queasy, too much exercise gets you huffing and puffing and sore the next day.  Take your time and build up your usage gradually.

Two years ago when I tried the first incarnation of our All-In-One cream, my skin did get red, and stung a bit.  I instinctively knew what was happening- that it was not an allergic reaction. I cut back what I was using, used it every other day and within a week I was up to full use of the creams and haven’t had a side effect since.  This does not happen to everyone, but be aware in case it happens to you.

Cynthia Ransom, ND

Traditional Naturopath
Founder & Potion Master