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Beauty Feeds the Beasts: Meet Shazam



In 2017, we decided to pick a national shelter/cause.  After meeting with the wonderful caretakers at The Wildcat Sanctuary, we wanted to help.  The Wildcat Sanctuary rescues large cats (Tigers, Lions, Cougars and such) from horrific situations, giving them a life of peace and freedom from small captive, unsafe conditions. The Sanctuary’s mission is “no more wild pets” , educating on the plight of wild animals and the cruelty of being kept as a captive animal for entertainment or personal ownership. These creatures are ‘Wild’ and should remain so.

2/26/2018 Update on Shazam!    We received this note and photos from Wildcat Sanctuary:

Most of the cats enjoy the snow. That’s the great part of being located in a 4-season location. Each season brings its own form of “natural” enrichment. Whether it’s rolling around in the snow making snow angels or destroying snowmen the caretakers make for them, the cats have their own special way of making the most of winter.

Shazam is such a typical leopard – fast and cunning. He enjoys trying to startle the new interns. It’s quite the game for him. He’ll often crouch down low against his habitat wall or behind a log. He knows them by voice and who he can startle with a lightning fast leap. That’s why our safety protocol is so important and drilled into everyone. Yes, sometimes even the humans walking by here are “enrichment” for the cats, so we always expect the unexpected and keep a safe distance

We’ve had some pretty cold days the past couple of months. Many below 0 days and nights. We’re so thankful for your sponsorship. You help assure the cats are always taken care of with full bellies and toasty places to curl up, no matter what Mother Nature throws at us.





Thanks to you the first cat Good Karma is sponsoring:

Shazam is a 15 yr old Black Leopard who grabbed a hold of our heart and wouldn’t let go. This stunning black beauty was rescued by the Wildcat Sanctuary from unsavory conditions at a privately owned zoo that could no longer afford to stay open. All the exotic animals were going to be put up for auction, opening their future up to taxidermists, unlicensed animal dealers and more- the Wildcat Sanctuary stepped in and rescued Shazam along with 6 other large cats. He arrived at the sanctuary timid and untrusting, used to living in small sad conditions. With love and care, Shazam has grown into a confident adult leopard,  loving his large habitat complete with high-perches and a climbing log jungle gym.

He even has a best friend; Nikita the White Tiger. Below is a video of the day they met;



We hope this makes your heart as happy is it does ours!  Because of you, we are able to help Wildcat Sanctuary and Shazam- hopefully the first of many cats we can sponsor.  We will keep you posted with updates on Shazam throughout the year. Without you this would not be possible- so grateful to all of our Good Karma tribe.



More on the Wildcat Sanctuary here.